FM Series of Membrane Switch Keypads

By NKK Switches 206

FM Series of Membrane Switch Keypads

NKK announces the availability of the FM Series of membrane switch keypads. These keypads help simplify human-machine interface designs by replacing multiple mechanical switches, soldered wires and cable assemblies with a compact, single-unit switching membrane mechanism.

FM Series keypads are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated configurations. Dot-Illuminated models are available with 12 or 16 keys, and non-illuminated models with 4 or 16 keys. Both models include adhesive backing for easy mounting and actuating domes which offer crisp, tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer.

Illuminated units feature pre-configured legends on embossed keypads, while non-illuminated models feature card insertion capability that supports customizable legends. Non-illuminated FM Series keypads come with three customizable legend cards in yellow, gray and black. Legend characters may be printed or drawn on the legend card. FM Series membrane switch keypads are ideal for applications requiring a compact design and clean look, such as office, communication, automation, electronic and amusement equipment.

With a nominal operating force of 1.0N to 6.0N, these keypads offer an operational life of 1,000,000 operations minimum. The stroke for illuminated models is 0.5mm to 1.2mm, and 0.4mm to 1.0mm for non-illuminated models.

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