Tiny Power Inductor WE-TPC

By Würth Elektronik 167

Tiny Power Inductor WE-TPC

Wurth Electronics has released a low-profile package size for the market known as the WE-TPC series. All three package styles have an 8x8 mm size (same footprint) and are available with a height of 1.1 mm (8012), 1.35 mm (8015) and 2 mm (8020). The typical applications for these parts include hand-held devices such as PDAs or digital cameras, DC/DC converters, and SMPS applications where strict height restrictions are an issue. The 8012, 8015 and 8020 series are available in a wide inductance range: from 0.18µH up to 22µH, and a max-rated current of 8.5A in the 8020 series (8012 4.1A).


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