UCC23513EVM-014 Evaluation Board

By Texas Instruments 107

UCC23513EVM-014 Evaluation Board

Texas Instruments' UCC23513EVM-014 evaluation module is designed for evaluation of TI's UCC23513 5 kVRMS isolated single-channel gate driver with opto-compatible input. The input is current driven and requires between 7 mA and 16 mA for device turn-on. The module can be reverse-biased for turn-off. The device is capable of 4 A source and 5 A sink peak output current for driving Si MOSFETs and IGBTs, and WBG devices such as SiC and GaN transistors.

The UCC23513 is an opto-compatible, single-channel, isolated gate driver for IGBTs, MOSFETs, and SiC MOSFETs. The driver offers 4.5 A source and 5.3 A sink peak output current and 5.7 kVRMS reinforced isolation rating. The high supply voltage range of 33 V allows the use of bipolar supplies to effectively drive IGBTs and SiC power FETs. The UCC23513 can drive low-side and high-side power FETs. Key features and characteristics bring significant performance and reliability upgrades over standard opto-coupler-based gate drivers while maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility in schematic and layout design. Performance highlights of the device include high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI), low propagation delay, and small pulse-width distortion. Tight process control results in small part-to-part skew. The input stage is an emulated diode (ediode) which means long-term reliability and excellent aging characteristics compared to traditional LEDs. The gate driver is offered in a stretched SO6 package with greater than 8.5 mm creepage and clearance and a mold compound from material Group I which has a comparative tracking index (CTI) greater than 600 V. The high performance and reliability makes the UCC23513 ideal for use in motor drives, solar inverters, industrial power supplies, and appliances. The higher operating temperature opens opportunities for applications not previously able to be supported by traditional optocouplers.

  • Evaluation board:
    • Evaluation module for UCC23513 in a stretched SO-6 package
    • 5 VDD input buffer and up to 35 VCC power supply range
    • Source/sink current capability: 4 A and 5 A
    • 5 kVRMS isolation for one minute per UL 1577
    • Maximized creepage distance between two output channels
    • Reverse polarity voltage handling capability on device inputs
    • PCB layout is optimized for power supply bypassing cap, gate driver loop
    • CMOS compatible input for the buffer
    • Buffer disconnect headers for a custom input drive solution
    • Unpopulated pads for bootstrap supply, split supply, and turn-on/turn-off resistance
  • UCC23513:
    • 5.7 kVRMS single-channel isolated gate driver with opto-compatible input
    • Pin-to-pin, drop-in upgrade for opto-isolated gate drivers
    • 4.5 A source, 5.3 A sink peak output current
    • 14 V to 33 V output driver supply voltage
    • Rail-to-rail output
    • Propagation delay: 105 ns (max)
    • Part-to-part delay matching: 25 ns (max)
    • Pulse-width distortion: 35 ns (max)
    • Common-mode transient immunity (CMTI): 150 kV/µs (min)
    • Isolation barrier life: >50 years
  • Industrial motor-control drives
  • Industrial power supplies, UPS
  • Solar inverters
  • Induction heating

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