T3035H-8 H-Series Snubberless TRIACs

By STMicroelectronics 185

T3035H-8 H-Series Snubberless TRIACs

Specifically designed to operate at 800 V and 150°C, STMicroelectronics' T3035-8 H-series TRIACs provide enhanced thermal management and maximize the AC system current density. They help the designer to reduce the heatsink size by 50% in their application.

STMicroelectronics' H-series TRIACs has been optimized for industrial, building, residential, and appliance applications. Based on ST's technology, the H-series TRIACs can work at 800 V and 150°C without compromise. This makes the 800 V H-series TRIACs the right choice to run in very hot, confined electronic environment and improve the reliability of the system.

  • VDRM/VRRM: 800 V
  • High noise immunity: 6 kV
  • VDSM/VRSM: 900 V
  • dV/dt 1500 V/µs at TJ: 150°C
  • Operating max TJ: 150°C
  • Low leakage current
  • Run up to 400 VRMS (565 V peak) for three-phase AC line applications
  • Safe even in high EMI environments
  • Operates at high ambient temperatures
  • Operates in confined/closed enclosures
  • Reduce or cut heatsink size
  • Decrease off-state losses
  • Home/building automation:
    • Smart AC plugs
    • HVAC/water heaters
    • Room heaters
    • Coffee machines
  • White goods:
    • AC motor control
    • Automation I/O control

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