P-NUCLEO-IHM03 Motor Control Nucleo Pack

By STMicroelectronics 435

P-NUCLEO-IHM03 Motor Control Nucleo Pack

STMicroelectronics' P-NUCLEO-IHM003 is an STM32 motor-control pack using the FOC algorithm for three-phase, low-voltage, and low-current motor evaluation. The P-NUCLEO-IHM03 is a kit composed of the X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1 board, the NUCLEO-G431RB board, a brushless gimbal motor (GBM2804H-100T), and the DC power supply. This platform provides a motor-control solution for three-phase, low-voltage, and low-current DC brushless or PMSM motors. It is based on the STSPIN830 driver and on the STM32G431RB MCU.

Nucleo board features
  • STM32 64-pin Nucleo board (NUCLEO-G431RB) with STM32G431RBT6 mixed-signal MCU with 170 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with FPU
  • 128 Kbytes of Flash memory
  • Rich embedded analog
  • Mathematical HW accelerator (Cordic, FMAC)
Nucleo expansion board features
  • X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1 based on STSPIN830 motor driver
  • Nominal voltage: 7 VDC to 45 VDC
  • Output peak current up to 1.5 ARMS
  • 1-shunt or 3-shunt current sensing
DC power Supply features
  • Nominal output voltage: 12 VDC
  • Maximum output current: 2 A
  • Main input voltage: 100 VAC to 240 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz

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