MDmesh™ M6 Series 600 V Power MOSFETs

By STMicroelectronics 149

MDmesh™ M6 Series 600 V Power MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics’ MDmesh M6 series 600 V power MOSFETs in surface-mounted PowerFLAT 5 mm x 6 mm high-voltage packages have reduced switching loss and low gate input resistance. The MDmesh M6 series incorporates the most recent advancements to the well-known and consolidated MDmesh family of SJ MOSFETs. These MOSFETs were built on the previous generation of MDmesh devices through M6 technology which combines excellent RDS(on)-per-area improvement with one of the most effective switching behaviors available. The MDmesh M6 series has a user-friendly product status link experience for maximum end-application efficiency.

  • Reduced switching losses
  • Lower RDS(on) x area vs previous generations
  • Low gate input resistance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener-protected
  • Switching applications
  • LLC converters
  • Boost PFC converters

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