Transformers and Flat Wire Toroids for Texas Instr

By Würth Elektronik 61

Transformers and Flat Wire Toroids for Texas Instr

Wurth Electronics, in partnership with Texas Instruments, developed a 10 kW, three-level, three-phase grid tie inverter reference design for solar string inverters TIDA-01606. This project involved creating two flat wire toroids, MID-FLT, with 15 A of rated current. Also in this design are three EPX7 gate drive transformers, MID-HB, and three SN6501 push-pull transformers used to generate isolated bias supplies. This reference design is recommended for customers interested in high-power solar string inverters.

Reference Design: Transformers and Flat Wire Toroids for Texas Instruments Solar Inverter Designs

  • MID-HB: Half-bridge transformers
    • Size: EPX7
    • Isolation voltage: 3,000 VAC
    • Small footprint of 10.16 mm x 9.14 mm
    • Functional insulation
  • MID-FLT: Flat wire power inductors
    • 15 A rated current
    • Low DC resistance
    • High saturation current
  • MID-PPTI: Push-pull transformers
    • Isolation voltage: 5,000 VRMS
    • 8 mm creepage and clearance
    • Designed to meet IEC60950 and IEC60664, reinforced insulation
    • Designed to meet IEC60601, two means of patient protection
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • Solar string inverters
  • Solar central inverters