T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit

By Efinix, Inc. 123

T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit

The Trion T8 BGA81 development kit from Efinix is based on the T8 FPGA so that customers can explore the features of this first member of the Trion platform. This development kit includes a Trion T8 BGA81 development board, a USB cable, four standoffs, and four screws.

Customers receive a single-seat license for the Efinix Efinity software with one year of software maintenance, including updates and upgrades, with the purchase of the Trion development kit. The Efinity software provides a complete tool flow from RTL design to bitstream generation, including synthesis, place-and-route, and timing analysis. It has a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides a visual way to set up projects, run the tool flow, and view results. The software also has a command-line flow and Tcl command console. The software-generated bitstream file is used to configure the Trion FPGA on the development board with a custom design.

Purchase of this Trion development kit includes access to the Efinix support center, which contains links to documentation, software, code examples, knowledgebase, and forum.

  • Compact design
  • T8 FPGA
  • Five user LEDs
  • Two user pushbutton switches
  • Type B mini-USB port
  • Atmel microcontroller to facilitate T8 configuration
  • Three I/O headers to connect to external devices
  • 33.333 MHz oscillator
  • Mobile
  • Consumer
  • IoT
  • Edge

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