MEMS Microphones

By CUI Inc 173

MEMS Microphones

CUI’s MEMS microphones provide users with improved audio quality and performance in compact, low-profile packages as small as 2.75 mm x 1.85 mm x 0.95 mm. Featuring sensitivity ratings from -44 dB up to -26 dB, signal-to-noise ratios from 57 dBA up to 65 dBA, and sensitivity tolerances as low as ±1 dB, these MEMS microphones are ideal for a range of portable consumer electronics applications.

For easier prototyping and design testing, CUI also offers a MEMS microphone development kit consisting of four independent microphone evaluation circuits. (Please see below for more kit information)

  • Compact sizes as small as 2.75 mm x 1.85 mm
  • Depths as low as 0.95 mm
  • Analog and digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output types
  • Sensitivity ratings from -44 dB ~ -26 dB
  • Sensitivity tolerances as low as ±1 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratios from 57 dBA ~ 65 dBA
  • Current consumption as low as 80 µA
  • 300 Ω output impedance rating
  • Top port and bottom port versions