Laser/Inkjet Labels

By Panduit Corp 664

Laser/Inkjet Labels

Panduit's laser/inkjet self-laminating adhesive labels are made of polyester and are supplied in a variety of package sizes and put-ups. The self-laminating polyester labels are sized for wire and cable applications and include a colored print-on area and clear over-laminate to protect the legend for clear and durable identification. The polyester component labels are used to identify patch panels, faceplates, punchdown blocks, electrical and electronic components, and devices. After installation, the Turn-Tell® labels rotate and slide along cable and wire for visibility from any angle. This allows for repositioning on the wire/cable to view legends for improved aesthetics.

Self-Laminating Label Features
  • Provide durability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Does not stretch or easily tear
  • Preferred material for wire/cable labeling
  • White labels are ASTM E-595 rated for airspace handling
  • Temperature range: -54°C to +107°C
  • For YAJ parts only:
    • UL recognized
    • UL969
    • File # MH14979
Polyester Component Label Features
  • cUL recognized
  • C22.2 No. 0.15-01
  • File# MH1497
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +154°C
  • UL recognized
  • UL969
  • File# MH14979

Turn-Tell Label Features

  • Ideal for use in high-density or space-constrained cable applications
  • Eliminate the need to disconnect wire or replace label in the event of re-termination
  • Temperature range: -54°C to +107°C