GAPUINO GAP8 Development Kit

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GAPUINO GAP8 Development Kit

Seeed's Gapuino GAP8 development kit utilizes Greenwaves Technoligies GAP8, a system-on-chip that enables massive deployment of low-cost intelligent devices that capture, analyze, classify, and act on a fusion of rich data sources such as images, sounds, and vibrations. GAP8 integrates everything necessary to acquire from the sensor, preprocess, analyze, and act on rich data sources integrated into a single device. This allows GAP8 to have an energy efficiency that is compatible with operating for years on batteries and a system cost that enables massive deployment of embedded, intelligent devices.

GAPUINO is an Arduino Uno form factor board (master) that includes a GAP8 and all the peripheral interfaces necessary to prototype GAP8 applications and is compatible with most Arduino shields. It leads out all necessary I/Os and includes a USB-to-serial and JTAG bridge that allows for programming the on-board Flash and debugging GAP8 applications. Whether developing algorithms for image, sound, or vibration analysis, developing sensors that need to process rich information or learning more about extremely efficient edge computing using an advanced, low-power computer cluster, GAPUINO and the GAP8 HDK and SDK is designed for a wide range of uses.

The GAPUINO sensor board adds a range of ancillary sensors to GAPUINO, which including microphone, ToF, IR sensor, pressure sensor, light sensor, 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, temperature, and humidity sensor.

The GAPUINO GAP8 development kit includes GAPUINO developer board (GAP8 on board), GAPUINO sensor card and low-power QVGA camera.

GAP8 Features
  • Optimized for the execution of signal processing and machine learning algorithms on intelligent edge devices
  • Autonomous operation using a battery or energy harvesting
  • Fully programmable in C/C++
  • 200 MOPS at 1mW, >8 GOPS at a few tens of mW
  • Minimum 2 µA standby current, Integrated design results in low system cost
GAPUINO Features
  • Arduino Uno compatible master
  • Camera connector for an external camera (e.g. Himax HM01B0)
  • Quad SPI Flash 256 Mbits, HyperBus combo DRAM/Flash 512 Mbits Flash + 64 Mbits DRAM
  • USB to GAP8 JTAG + UART, reset button
  • Configurable I/O voltage (3.3 V/5 V), input power - DC connector or USB
  • Low power/self-powered embedded control systems
  • People/object counting
  • Image recognition
  • Sound analysis
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Keyword spotting
  • Wearables
  • Microdrones
  • Smart toys
  • Smart homes
  • Robots

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