Ethernet Industrial Environment IP20 Rated Modular

By Stewart Connector 154

Ethernet Industrial Environment IP20 Rated Modular

Stewart Connector designed an IP20 rated modular plug to bring reliable connections to the industrial environment. These modular plugs support transfer speeds for Gb Ethernet (1000Base-T) and 10 Gb Ethernet (10GBase-T), along with power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. The low-profile design allows for use in high-density routers and switches.

IP20 Modular Plug Brief

IP20 Plug Assembly Instructions

  • Suitable for CAT6A, CAT6, and CAT5E applications delivering 10GBase-T and 1000Base-T
  • Plug options for cable conductors up to 0.062 in. and overall diameters up to 0.330 in.
  • Terminates to solid and stranded conductors
  • Packaging available for field installation and factory terminations
  • PoE applications
  • High-density routers and switches