EPC2214 Automotive Qualified 80 V eGaN® FET

By EPC 95

EPC2214 Automotive Qualified 80 V eGaN® FET

EPC's EPC2214 is an 80 V, 20 mΩ eGaN FET with a pulsed current rating of 47 A in a tiny 1.8 mm2 footprint.

The EPC2214 is perfectly suited to use for firing the laser in lidar systems because the FET can be triggered to create high current with extremely short pulse widths. The short pulse width leads to higher resolution, and the higher pulse current allows the lidar system to discern objects at greater distances. These two characteristics, along with their tiny size and low cost, make eGaN FETs ideal for radar and ultrasonic sensors in addition to lidar in demanding automotive applications.


  • Lidar, time of flight, pulsed power applications
  • DC/DC conversion
  • Wireless power

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