Belt Alignment Automation Switch

By Steute 180

Belt Alignment Automation Switch

When bulk materials are not evenly spread down the middle of a conveyor belt, or when the belt's pulleys or idlers become dirty, this can cause the belt to move off-center which in turn can lead to belt damage, falling materials, or both. In order to prevent this, Steute offers belt alignment switches which are mounted on both sides of the conveyor belt. The switches monitor the alignment of the belt and transmit a signal if it becomes misaligned. This can lead to the conveyor system being switched off, the belt being automatically adjusted, the triggering of additional alarms, or all of these. Thus, belt alignment switches are true switchgear specialists. Due to the ambient conditions in which bulk materials are conveyed, the switches must have a very robust design and be suitable for use in extreme temperatures. Dust explosion protection requirements also must be met. The Steute range of switches includes several series in metal housings and with high protection classes (IP6x). They differ in size, method of unlocking (lever or push button), and temperature range (from -40°C up to +100°C).

  • Metal enclosure
  • Belt-alignment roller made of stainless steel 1.4104
  • Two contacts
  • Release by push-button (VD)

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