Metis-I – 868 MHz Wireless wM-Bus Radio Module

By Würth Elektronik EISOS 146

Metis-I – 868 MHz Wireless wM-Bus Radio Module

Wurth Electronics/Amber Wireless' Wireless wM-Bus standard (EN13757-4) specifies the communication between water, gas, heat, and electricity meters and concentrators. The standard comprises various operating modes to meet the requirements of one-way and two-way data communication in stationary and mobile systems.

Metis-I is an embedded low-cost Wireless wM-Bus radio module, which operates in 12 channels in the 868 MHz frequency band. The integrated protocol controls the entire data communication. Data packets are built and transmitted according to EN13757-4 specification. Configuration of parameters is handled via the UART interface and a control pin. The module automatically adds the manufacturer ID and the address based on parameters configured in the radio module. Measured field strength (RSSI value) offers the option of enhancing the quality of the radio link.

The customized application layer can be fully integrated into the radio module, thus eliminating the need for an external host microcontroller. The radio module supports the AES-128 encryption standard. A very low-power mode ensures a long battery life. The module is pre-certified for operation under the European radio regulations for license-free use. Due to its outstanding RF characteristics, the module achieves a range of up to 700 meters line of sight.


The Metis-I module is connected to a host system via the UART interface with a data rate of up to 115.2 kbps. The interface can also be used as a serial peripheral interface (SPI) with a maximum data rate of 1 Mbps. When using appropriate firmware, the module is also suitable for autonomously recording digital or analog signals. Other pins can be used for data flow control and to switch between operating modes.

Range of Applications

The radio module is designed for automatic meter reading applications for wireless data transmission according to the Wireless wM-Bus specification (EN13757-4). The radio module is designed to be integrated in meters, data concentrators, and mobile metering devices. Other applications are conceivable. Its compact dimensions and low power consumption make the radio module ideal for battery-powered devices.

  • Low-cost radio module 868 MHz
  • Wireless M-Bus EN13757-4:2013 standard
  • Open Metering System (OMS) supported
  • Range up to 700 m line of sight
  • Small form factor: 27 mm x 17 mm x 4.0 mm
  • Low-power functions (wake-on-radio)
  • Easy switching between operating modes: S, T, and C
  • Adjustable RF data rates
  • Communication via UART/SPI
  • Encryption AES-128
  • Available on tape and reel for SMD mounting
  • 2605056083001 (AMB8465-M) Wireless M-Bus USB adapter available
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with Mimas-I and Metis-II radio modules: 2607011113000 (AMB3626-M) and 2607021183000 (AMB8626-M)

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