Contrinex 120254 Series Photoelectric Sensors

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Contrinex 120254 Series Photoelectric Sensors

Molex’s Contrinex 120254 series photoelectric sensors are robust, self-contained photoelectric sensors with an integrated IO-link. These sensors feature compact housings, broad sensing range, and patented UV technology making them ideal for limited-space applications and challenging environments. The Contrinex 120254 series has UV light technology for transparent object detection with an extended sensing range up to 1,200 mm on special reflectors and enables safe detection of the thinnest transparent materials. These sensors have an auto-collimated polarized UV light beam which eliminates the blind zone allowing detection of targets close to the sensor. ASIC technology offers first-class sensing ranges, regulates emitting current, and provides mutual interference immunity. The ASIC technology also allows adjustment processing via the potentiometer or teach button, stabilized alarm processing, and contains an integrated IO-link. The diffuse sensors with background suppression have a 300 mm sensing range on white and gray and 250 mm on black backgrounds.

  • Current: 200 mA (max)
  • Output: Light-ON/Dark-ON
  • Polarity: PNP/NPN
  • Voltage: 36 VDC (max)
  • Response time: 0.80 ms to 4.80 ms
  • Sensing distance: 1 mm to 50,000 mm
  • Switching frequency: 5 kHz
  • Sensing speed: 1 kHz to 5 kHz
  • Industrial automation
    • Packaging machines
    • Food and beverages
    • Filling plants
    • Textiles
    • Machine tools
    • Logistics

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