Security Products for Medical Disposables

By Maxim Integrated 200

Security Products for Medical Disposables

Maxim’s crypto-strong, cost-effective portfolio of DeepCover® secure authenticators and 1-Wire® memory devices protect medical disposables such as surgical tools, pulse-oximetry probes, and medication cartridges against unauthorized overuse, counterfeiting, and other security breaches. These ICs offer a variety of authentication types, ChipDNA™ physically unclonable function (PUF) protection, FIPS/NIST-compliant TRNG, secure GPIOs, and built-in ESD protection, plus so much more.


  • Complete hardware and software tools
  • Secure authenticators can be easily integrated into an embedded design, eliminating the need to be a cryptographic expert
  • Personalized programming of unique keys available in the factory
  • The latest cryptographic algorithms and other security features, available in unique packaging options