ISO224 Reinforced Isolated Amp

By Texas Instruments 135

ISO224 Reinforced Isolated Amp

Texas Instruments' ISO224 is a precision isolated amplifier with an output separated from the input circuitry by an isolation barrier with high immunity to magnetic interference. This barrier is certified to provide reinforced galvanic isolation up to 5 kVRMS with an exceptionally long lifetime and low power dissipation. When the device is used with isolated power supplies, the ISO224 separates parts of the system that operate on different common-mode voltage levels and protects lower voltage devices from damage.

The input of the ISO224 is optimized for accurate sensing of ±10 V signals that are widely used in industrial applications. The device operates a single-supply on the high side. This unique feature simplifies the design of the isolated power supply and reduces the system cost. The integrated high-side supply voltage detection feature simplifies system level diagnostics. The ±4 V output of the ISO224 allows lower cost analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to be used. The differential structure of the output supports high immunity to noise.

The ISO224 is fully specified over the extended industrial temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and is available in a wide-body 8-pin SOIC (DWV) package.

  • High-grade (ISO224B) and low-grade (ISO224A) versions
  • ±12 V input voltage range optimized for isolated voltage measurement in industrial applications
  • Overvoltage input clamp with 9 kV ESD
  • ±4 V differential output voltage range with common-mode at VDD 2/2
  • 4.5 V to 18 V single-supply on high side
  • 4.5 V to 5.5 V operation on low side
  • High CMTI (ISO224B): 80 kV/µs (typ.)
  • Low DC-error operation (ISO224B):
    • Input offset: ±5 mV at +25°C, ±15 µV/°C (max.)
    • Gain error: ±0.3% at +25°C, ±35 ppm/°C (max.)
    • Nonlinearity: ±0.01% max., ±0.1 ppm/°C (typ.)
  • Safety-related certifications:
    • 7,071 VPEAK reinforced isolation per DIN VDE V 0884-11: 2017-01
    • 5,000 VRMS isolation for one minute per UL1577
  • Isolated analog signal acquisition in:
    • Grid automation
    • Protection relays
    • Factory automation and controls
    • Rail transport
    • Motor drives
    • Power analyzers

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