Half-Bridge Gate Driver ICs

By Diodes Incorporated 135

Half-Bridge Gate Driver ICs

Diodes' DGD2003, DGD2005, and DGD2012 feature both high-side and low-side output drive capability with simple logic level input enabling an easy interface between the MCU and the power MOSFET switches. Supporting up to 200 V via a floating high side suits a wide range of motor driving in battery-operated applications. These gate drivers encompass self-protection features such as dead-time and matched delays to evade shoot-through issues, Schmitt triggered inputs to avoid false triggering, gate drive tolerance to negative transients caused during high dv/dt switching, and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) protection on the VCC and VBS supplies to avoid malfunction under low supply voltage.

  • Source and sink currents (0.29 A, 0.6 A DGD2003/5; 1.9 A, 2.3 A DGDG2012) increasing system efficiencies by minimizing switching time of power MOSFETs
  • Logic level input > 2.5 V PWM control directly from 3.3 V MCU while the output steps up to the VCC supply (8 V to 14 V) to ensure the MOSFET is fully enhanced to reduce losses
  • Shoot-through prevention logic to protect the MOSFET from shoot-through, these gate drivers have matched delays
  • SO-8 footprint standard package and pinout for ease of use
  • Motor drive – brushless DC (BLDC) motor driving up to 200 V, especially in battery operated applications:
    • Cordless power tools, garden tools, and domestic appliances
    • Light electric vehicles (LEVs)
    • Robotics
    • Drones
  • Power conversion
    • Inverter drives

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