CA Series Inline Mega-Capacitor

By TDK Corporation 88

CA Series Inline Mega-Capacitor

TDK’s CA series mega-cap stacks up to three MLCCs horizontally, offering higher capacitance in a single component. The CA series utilizes a clamp + solder configuration which allows for higher soldering temperature (for example, +260°C lead-free) soldering capability. The lead frame keeps the same stress absorption capability as the traditional CKG series mega-cap; however, the CA series uses an improved lead frame material composition to further reduce the ESR and ESL. This allows for higher ripple current capability and a reduction of overshoot/undershoot in high-speed switching applications.

The CA series mega-cap is a perfect candidate for high power applications in both the industrial and automotive sectors because it offers supreme reliability in such harsh environments. Typical applications are xEV DC-DC converters, inverters, OBC, 48 V systems, electrical turbos, as well as wireless charging systems and electrical pumps.

Features and Benefits
  • Multi-stack configuration (2 or 3)
  • Available for 260° C lead-free reflow
  • Lower ESL and ESR than SMD ALU capacitors
  • Superior capacitance / rated voltage offering
  • Designed for excessive board flex
  • Excellent vibration performance
  • High ripple current
  • xEV DC-DC converters
  • Inverters
  • OBC
  • 48 V systems
  • Electrical turbos
  • Wireless charging systems
  • Electrical pumps

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