BA8290xYxxx-C Series Ground-Sense Op Amps

By ROHM Semiconductor 144

BA8290xYxxx-C Series Ground-Sense Op Amps

ROHM's BA8290xYxxx-C series high-gain, ground-sense input op amps are monolithic ICs that integrate independent dual or quad op amps on a single chip. Models featuring low power consumption are offered and are operable from 3 V to 36 V (single-power-supply). High reliability supports automotive requirements making them ideal for ECUs, electric power-steering systems, and more.

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified
  • Wide operating supply-voltage range:
    • Single supply: 3 V to 36 V
    • Dual supply: ±1.5 V to ±18.0 V
  • Low supply current:
    • BA82904Yxxx-C: 0.5 mA (typ.)
    • BA82902Yxxx-C: 0.7 mA (typ.)
  • Wide operating temperature range:
    • -40°C to +125°C
  • Single or dual power-supply operation
  • Standard op amp pin assignments
  • Operable from almost GND level for input and output
  • High open-loop voltage gain
  • Internal ESD protection circuit
  • Integrated EMI filter
  • Input bias current: 20 nA (typ.)
  • Input offset current: 2 nA (typ.)
  • Engine control units
  • Electric power steering (EPS)
  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Automotive electronics