Triton Grounding Jumper Solutions

By Molex Inc 170

Triton Grounding Jumper Solutions

Molex's Triton grounding jumpers are UL-certified off-the-shelf. These grounding jumpers enable safe management of high-power applications. They also provide 93% solid termination throughout compression, increased cross-sectional contact area, and increased pull-out strength. This product is also known as ground braid or ground strap and has an electrical current max of 53 A, 105 A, and 150 A.

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  • Ferrules
  • Compressed seamless copper tube braid plating
  • Electro-plated tin copper
  • Industrial
    • Mining
    • HVAC
    • Electrical enclosures
    • Electrical panel doors
    • Security fences around
  • Data centers
    • Servers
    • High-end computers
  • Substations and utilities
    • Fence and gate jumpers
    • Generators and transformers
    • Power and utility boards
    • Oil, gas, and flammable
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Agriculture
    • Rail
    • Truck
    • Construction
    • Marine