Nano-Fit Overmolded Cable Assemblies

By Molex Inc 133

Nano-Fit Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Prototyping cable assemblies require tooling to crimp terminals. Therefore, costs generated to prototype a system for UL testing can be significant. Molex off-the-shelf overmolded cable assemblies help solve tooling start-up costs by providing a completed assembly that meets the IPC-specification design.

Designing overmold cables takes two to four weeks, and tooling takes an additional four to six weeks. Molex has select circuit sizes immediately available, eliminating both design and tooling time.

Once prototyping is complete, customers typically need to create drawings and assign resources to find a supplier to build cable assemblies for end products. Molex overmolded cables provide one-source solutions, eliminating customers' design requirements and the need to find another vendor to build assemblies.

Many applications see cables being mated and unmated often and risk damage to wires and terminals. The strain relief provided by the overmold reduces mechanical stress on wires and terminals, protecting them from damage.


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