ESD Knit Gloves

By ACL Staticide, Inc. 159

ESD Knit Gloves

ACL Staticide’s ESD knit gloves protect against static discharge without sacrificing ergonomic performance. Static control and comfort make these gloves ideal for detailed assembly and inspection work. The blended nylon-conductive carbon yarn reduces tribocharging and integrates volume resistivity throughout the fabric for maximum static control. Lightweight and seamless in construction, these ESD knit gloves with spandex cuffs provide a comfortable, breathable fit with low moisture absorption. The micro-knit fingertips offer superb dexterity, and for additional durability and grip, these gloves are available with micro-foam polyurethane-coated fingertips. These knit gloves are ideal for ESD-sensitive areas, electronics manufacturing, inspection, assembly, and packaging.

  • Seamless knit construction
  • Nylon conductive carbon fiber blend yarn
  • Washable and reusable
  • Available with or without dipped tips
  • Small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large sizes available
  • GLK CAFE RGP: 10e7 ohms as per ANSI/ESD SP15.1 @ 12% RH for 48 hours (average)
  • GLKT CAFE RGP: 10e8 ohms as per ANSI/ESD SP15.1 @ 12% RH for 48 hours (average)

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