MLX91216 (IMC-HALL) and MLX91217 (Conventional) Ne

By Melexis Technologies NV 182

MLX91216 (IMC-HALL) and MLX91217 (Conventional) Ne

The Melexis MLX91216 and MLX91217 are IMC and conventional hall Gen 2.5 high-speed current sensors. They introduce a few major improvements over the MLX91208 and MLX91209 Gen 2 devices, including an increase in sensitivity accuracy and temperature offset resulting in higher sensor accuracy. Increased diagnostic coverage along with the introduction of clamping, broken wire detection, and on-chip filtering will allows for an accurate trade-off between bandwidth/response time and higher resolution. The MLX91217 comes in a SIP4-VA package, whereas the MLX91216 is SOIC-8.

  • Automotive AEC-Q100 grade 0
  • High speed: 250 kHz bandwidth, 2.5 µs response time
  • Increased diagnostic capability: programmable output clamping and broken wire detection
  • Extended on-chip filtering options
  • High accuracy
    • Sensitivity thermal drift <1% (33% improvement)
    • Offset thermal drift <5 mV (50% improvement)


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