HD3SS3202 Bidirectional Multiplexer (Mux)/Demultip

By Texas Instruments 86

HD3SS3202 Bidirectional Multiplexer (Mux)/Demultip

Texas Instruments' HD3SS3202 is a high-speed, bidirectional passive switch in mux or demux configurations suited for USB Type-C™ applications that support USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 data rates. Based on control pin SEL, the device supplies switching on differential channels between port B or port C to port A.

The HD3SS3202 is a generic analog differential passive switch. It works with any high-speed interface application that requires a common-mode voltage range of 0 V to 2 V and requires differential signaling with a differential amplitude at a maximum of 1,800 mVpp. The device has adaptive tracking that makes sure the channel stays unchanged for the full common-mode voltage range.

The device allows high-speed switching with minimum attenuation to the signal eye diagram with little added jitter. It uses less than 1.65 mW (typical) of power when in operation. It has a shutdown mode that is used by the OEM pin resulting less than 0.02 µW (typical).

  • Provides mux/demux solution for USB Type-C ecosystem for USB Gen 1 and Gen 2 data rates
  • Compatible with MIPI DSI/CSI-2 DPHY, LVDS, PCIe Gen III, SATA Express, and SATA
  • Operates up to 10 Gbps
  • Wide -3 dB differential BW: over 8 GHz
  • Bidirectional mux/demux differential switch
  • Supports common-mode voltage of 0 V to 2 V
  • Single supply voltage VCC: 3.3 V ±10%
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics (at 5 GHz):
    • Crosstalk: -41 dB
    • Off isolation: -20 dB
    • Insertion loss: -2.4 dB
    • Return loss: -8 dB
  • Commercial temperature range: 0°C to +70°C (HD3SS3202)
  • Industrial temperature range: -40°C to +85°C (HD3SS3202I)
  • USB Type-C ecosystems
  • Desktops and notebook PCs
  • Shared I/O ports
  • Docking stations
  • Monitors and TVs
  • Set-top-boxes
  • Network security cameras