ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro Evaluation Platform

By Microchip Technology 159

ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro Evaluation Platform

Microchip's ATTINY3217-XPRO Xplained Pro is an evaluation platform for a variety of ATtiny MCUs. Atmel Studio is used to program and debug the MCUs on these boards. Atmel Studio includes advanced software framework (ASF) and Atmel START, which includes drivers and demo code, and the data visualizer to support data streaming and advanced debugging. Xplained Pro evaluation kits can be connected to a wide range of Xplained Pro extension boards through standardized headers and connectors. Xplained Pro extension boards have identification (ID) chips to uniquely identify which boards are connected to the Xplained Pro evaluation kits. The ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro is recommended for evaluation of the ATtiny3217, the ATtiny3216, the ATtiny1617, the ATtiny1616, the ATtiny1614, the ATtiny1607, the ATtiny1606, and the ATtiny1604. The ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro supports more than twenty extension boards including wired and wireless connectivity, crypto authentication, QTouch® capacitive touch kits, and generic I/O and OLED boards.

  • ATtiny3217 MCU
  • Two mechanical user buttons
  • Two QTouch buttons
  • Embedded debugger:
    • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio
    • One yellow status LED
    • One green board power LED
    • Symbolic debug of complex data types including scope information
    • Programming and debugging, including power measurements
    • Data gateway interface: SPI, I2C, and two GPIOs
    • Virtual COM port (CDC)
  • One yellow user LED
  • 32.768 kHz crystal
  • Two Xplained Pro extension headers
  • Embedded current measurement circuitry (XAM):
    • Measures power consumption of the ATtiny3217 and/or peripherals
    • Measures current between 100 nA and 400 mA
    • Current measurement data are shown in Microchip's data visualizer
  • USB-powered
  • Supported with application examples in Atmel START