ATTINY202 Microcontroller (MCU)

By Microchip Technology 140

ATTINY202 Microcontroller (MCU)

The ATtiny202 is an MCU from Microchip Technology using the 8-bit AVR® processor with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20 MHz and 2 KB Flash, 128B SRAM,and 64 bytes of EEPROM in an 8-pin package. The MCU uses technologies from Microchip with a flexible and low-power architecture including event system, sleep-walking, accurate analog features, and advanced peripherals.

The AtinyAVR MCUs are equipped with high-speed integrated analog hardware-based CIPs, low-power performance for efficient, real-time control, and sensor node applications in a small physical footprint to optimize board layout. The MCU products offer a broad range of memory and package configurations, from 2 KB to 32 KB Flash memory and 8- to 24-pin packages. The AtinyAVR MCUs are well-suited for a wide range of applications including industrial, consumer, appliances, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor nodes.

  • 8-bit high-performance AVR RISC CPU:
    • 135 instructions
    • Hardware multiplier
  • Ultra-low power
  • Three sleep modes: idle, standby, and power-down
  • 6-channel event system
  • Configurable custom logic (CCL)
  • 12-channel 10-bit timer ADC with voltage reference
  • Operation voltage: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
  • Comparators
  • 2x 16-bit timer (TCA/TCB)
  • Cyclical redundancy check (CRC/SCAN)
  • Watchdog timer (WDT)
  • Power-on reset (POR)
  • Brown-out detection (BOD)
  • Single-pin programming and debugging interface (UPDI)

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