Accu-Lite™ LED Magnifiers

By O.C. White Co. 133

Accu-Lite™ LED Magnifiers

O.C. White's Accu-Lite LED magnifier is in a class by itself. With brightness adjustment, hidden springs, built-in protective cover, optical grade crown white glass with a standard 3.5 diopter (1.88x) lens, and an ESD protective coating (black models only), the Accu-Lite line of LED magnifiers offer uncompromising value. These feature-rich LED magnifiers come in 3 sizes, 2 diopters, 2 colors (black or white), and are available with several mounting options as well as add-on lenses for increased magnification providing crystal-clear viewing on the production and inspection floor. These magnifiers come with touch sensitive lighting controls for quick and easy power on/off and a dimming switch making them fully dimmable from 100% to 5%. The array surrounding cool running, surface mounted energy-efficient LEDs will last for years, saving money in the long run. With a locking handle for the arm and swivel head, along with hidden springs and an ESD protective coating, Accu-Lite LED magnifiers are thoughtfully designed and packed with features.

  • 5" or 6“ round with a 3.5 diopter (1.88x) or 5 diopter (2.25x) optical grade crown white glass lens for crystal-clear viewing
  • 6.85” wide rectangular with a 3.5 diopter (1.88x) optical grade crown white glass lens for crystal-clear viewing
  • 360° swivel lamp head, for inspection at any angle
  • Touch sensitive on/off switch and brightness controls
  • Energy-efficient SMD LED lights
  • Color temperature: 5000K
  • Adjustment knob locks lamp head and arm in position
  • 45” sleek adjustable spring arm
  • ESD coated for added safety (black models only)
  • Includes matching color table edge clamp
  • Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Medical and dental
  • Aerospace
  • Clean room
  • Health and beauty