TEH140 Series Power Resistors

By Ohmite 239

TEH140 Series Power Resistors

Ohmite’s TEH140 series is a wholly encapsulated and insulated TO-247 package resistor. The thick film construction allows for non-inductive, high-frequency, and pulsing application consideration. The TEH140 series is rated at 140 W mounted to a proper heatsink. Ohmite offers thermal solutions for the TEH140 and other popular package sizes.

  • 140 W high power resistor in TO-247 molded package
  • Wide 10 mΩ to 510 kΩ resistance range, non-inductive design fit for high-frequency circuit and wideband amplifiers
  • Only 0.9°C/W heat resistance between resistor and flange for excellent cooling
  • Small size and thin shape provide for high-density design of power electronics
  • Industrial motor controls
    • Harmonic filters
    • Dumping
    • Snubbers
    • Gate controls
    • Bleeder resistors
    • Rush current protection
  • Power electronics/inverter of automotive
  • Rail tractions
  • Wind turbines
  • PVs
  • UPSs


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