SiHH068N60E Fourth-Generation 600 V E Series MOSFE

By Vishay/Siliconix 133

SiHH068N60E Fourth-Generation 600 V E Series MOSFE

The SiHH068N60E is the latest device in Vishay's fourth-generation of 600 V E series power MOSFETs. Providing high efficiency for telecom, industrial, and enterprise power supply applications, the Vishay Siliconix N-channel SiHH068N60E is currently the industry’s lowest gate charge times on-resistance for devices in the same class, a key figure of merit (FOM) for 600 V MOSFETs used in power conversion applications. Built on Vishay's latest energy-efficient E series superjunction technology, this device slashes on-resistance by 27 percent compared with previous generation 600 V E series MOSFETs, while delivering 60 percent lower gate charge. FOM of 3.1 Ω*nC is 12 percent lower than the closest competing MOSFET in the same class.

  • 4th generation E series technology
  • Low FOM RON x Qg
  • Low effective capacitance (Co(er))
  • Reduced switching and conduction losses
  • Avalanche energy rated (UIS)
  • Kelvin connection for reduced gate noise
  • Server and telecom power supplies
  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Power factor correction (PFC) power supplies
  • Lighting
    • High-intensity discharge (HID)
    • Fluorescent ballast lighting
  • Industrial
    • Welding
    • Induction heating
    • Motor drives
    • Battery chargers
    • Solar (PV inverters)