PROtop High-End Power Supply

By Weidmuller 154

PROtop High-End Power Supply

Weidmuller's PROtop power supply combines the highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection without diode modules. This reduces costs and creates space in the control cabinet, creating a reliable power supply that can withstand harsh environmental conditions for targeted, preventitive maintenance. Due to the powerful DCL technology, even difficult loads, motors, for instance, are operated smoothly, while circuit breakers are triggered reliably. Good communication capability allows permanent condition monitoring and full integration with control systems.

PROtop's power supply can be connected to a communication module for a retrofit solution that allows for the transmission of process data to the higher-level control system. This networks the power supply to other components within the system. The solution is remote-controllable and is integrated into a system's condition monitoring.

The integrated OR-ing MOSFETs in PROtop provide high power with minimal dimensions and do not require any additional assembly or wiring work. This reduces system costs and saves space in the control cabinet. The parallel operation option makes current sharing easier and guarantees maximum long-term stability.

Dynamic current limiting (DCL) technology make high pulse reserves available at all times. The resulting dynamic range can be used for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers or powerful motor starts. At a motor's starting torque, for example, approximately 300% power reserve will be available for approximately 100 ms and 150% for approximately 5 s.

PROtop benefits from unique impulse energy reserves thanks to DCL technology to supply power even in challenging industrial environments. They are ideal for reliable impulse triggering of circuit breakers or as additional energy for powerful motor starts.

Video: High-end power supplies – PROtop - Supplying power even under difficult environmental conditions

  • Input voltage range: 85 VAC to 277 VAC, 300 VAC for 15 s
  • Efficiency: 1 ph up to 94.5%, 3 ph up to 95.4%
  • Width of 24 V devices: 3 A to 5 A = 35 mm, 10 A = 39 mm, 20 A = 68 mm, 40 A = 124 mm (coated version = 139 mm)
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C, derating: 100% @ +60°C, 75% @ +70°C
    • -40°C to +70°C for versions with a coated PCB
  • Vibration immunity: standard = 2 g and 3 g, 4 g with direct mounting
  • Power reserves: 130% In @ +40°C, 100% @ +60°C, 75% @ +70°C
  • Peak load reserve: up to 600% In for 20 ms
  • Connection technology: PUSH-IN, up to 240 W pluggable coated versions: screw terminals, 20 A and 40 A even with a pluggable connector
  • Safe triggering of circuit breakers due to DCL
  • High energy reserves for powerful engine starts due to DCL
  • Highest efficiency and very long lifetime
  • Extremely space-saving design
  • Integrated OR-ing MOSFETs for redundancy or parallel operation without diode modules
  • Future-proof due to optional communication modules that can be retrofitted at any time