OPA521 Narrowband Line Drivers

By Texas Instruments 92

OPA521 Narrowband Line Drivers

Texas Instruments' OPA521 series is a line driver, power amplifier that aligns with the power-line communications (PLC) conducted emissions requirements in CENELEC bands A, B, C, and D, and ARIB STD-T84 and FCC part 15. These devices supply up to 2.5 A on high-current, low-impedance lines with reactive loads. They use minimal external protection components that enable cost- and space-effective systems thanks to their optimized internal protection structure.

The OPA521 offers a closed-loop gain of -7 V/V with 3.8 MHz of bandwidth. The monolithic integrated circuit gives high reliability in power-line communication applications. These line drivers operate with a single supply from 7 V to 24 V. At a typical load current (IOUT = 2.5 A, maximum), a wide output swing gives a 10 VPP capability with a nominal 24 V supply.

These devices have protection against overtemperature and short-circuit conditions. The current and thermal limits are indicated by fault detection flags. An available shutdown pin places the device into a low-power state that consumes 58 A (typical). The OPA521 is available in a surface-mount, 5 mm × 5 mm, 20-pin VQFN (RGW) package. They operate over an extended industrial junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

  • Supports:
    • CENELEC bands A, B, C, and D
    • ARIB STD-T84 and FCC
    • Frequency shift keying (FSK), SFSK, and NB-OFDM
  • Conforms to:
    • EN50065-1, -2, -3, and -7
    • FCC, part 15
    • ARIB STD-T84
  • Line driver with integrated thermal and overcurrent protection
  • Standards:
    • G3, PRIME, P1901.2, and ITU-G.hnem
  • Pin-selectable quiescent current consumption:
    • 58 µA in standby-mode (typical)
    • 51 mA for CENELEC bands A, B, C, and D (typical)
    • Package: 5 mm x 5 mm 20-pin VQFN
  • Operating junction temperature range:
    • TA = -40°C to +125°C
  • Power quality meter
  • Merchant network and server PSUs
  • Lighting
  • Solar arc protection
  • Central inverters