GaNFast™ 650 V Single Power ICs

By Navitas Semiconductor 116

GaNFast™ 650 V Single Power ICs

Navitas GaNFast power ICs have an easy-to-use digital input, power output, and high-frequency powertrain. The monolithic integration of a field-effect transistor (FET), drive, and logic creates a high-performance building block enabling designers to create a fast, small, and efficient integrated powertrain.

The high dV/dt immunity, high-speed integrated drive, and industry standard low-profile, low-inductance, 5 mm x 6 mm SMT QFN package allow designers to exploit Navitas' gallium nitride (GaN) technology with simple, quick, and dependable solutions for breakthrough power density and efficiency. These ICs extend the capabilities of traditional topologies including flyback, half-bridge, resonant, and more to MHz+, enabling the commercial introduction of breakthrough designs.

  • Monolithically-integrated gate drive
  • Wide logic input range with hysteresis
  • 5 V / 15 V input compatible
  • Wide VCC range: 10 V to 30 V
  • Programmable turn-on dV/dt
  • 200 V/ns dV/dt immunity
  • 650 V eMode GaN FET
  • Low 120 mΩ, 170 mΩ, and 300 mΩ resistances available
  • 2 MHz operation
  • Small, low-profile SMT QFN package
    • 5 mm x 6 mm footprint, 0.85 mm profile
    • Minimized package inductance
  • RoHS, Pb-free, and REACH compliant
  • AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC
  • Buck, boost, half bridge, and full bridge
  • Active clamp flybacks, LLC resonant, and class D
  • Mobile fast chargers and adapters
  • Notebook adapters
  • LED lighting and solar micro-inverters
  • TV monitors and wireless power
  • Servers, telecom, and networking SMPS

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