FRED Pt® Gen 5 Hyperfast 1200 V Rectifiers

By Vishay Semiconductor/Diodes Division 107

FRED Pt® Gen 5 Hyperfast 1200 V Rectifiers

Featuring a unique combination of low conduction and switching losses, Vishay's hyperfast 1200 V rectifiers are the right choice for high-frequency converters, both hard-switched and soft-switched/resonant. Specifically designed to improve the efficiency of PFC and output rectification stages of EV/HEV battery charging stations, the booster stage of solar inverters, and UPS applications, these devices are perfectly matched to operate with MOSFETs or high-speed IGBTs.

  • Best in class trade-off for low conduction losses and switching losses
  • Designed to improve efficiency of hard- and soft-switching applications
  • Optimized for high-speed operation
  • 175°C maximum operating junction temperature and polyamide passivation for enhanced reliability
  • EV/HEV battery charging stations
  • Booster stage of solar inverters and UPS