GaN ICs for Wireless Power

By EPC 106

GaN ICs for Wireless Power

EPC’s 100 V EPC2107 and 60 V EPC2108 eGaN half-bridge power integrated circuits with integrated bootstrap FET eliminate gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high side clamp. Designed specifically for resonant wireless power transfer applications, these products enable rapid design of highly efficient end-use systems, setting the stage for mass adoption of wireless power circuits.

  • Higher switching frequency
    • Lower switching losses, lower parasitic inductance, and lower drive power
  • Integrated design
    • Increased efficiency, increased power density, reduced assembly costs
  • Small footprint
    • Low inductance, extremely small, 1.35 mm x 1.35 mm BGA surface-mount passivated die
  • Wireless power for 5G
  • Mobile devices
  • Robots
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment and automotive

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