WE-SCC SMD Common Mode Line Filters

By Würth Elektronik 51

WE-SCC SMD Common Mode Line Filters

Wurth Electronics latest product addition in the area of common mode chokes delivers one of the industry’s highest impedance for common mode noise rejection with its NiZn core material high impedance of up to 160 KΩ are possible. Another advantage of the core material is the wide frequency band EMI noise can be suppressed (1 MHz - 100 MHz).

The WE-SCC series is available in three different compact case sizes of 7345, 1260, and 1210 which leaves perfect room to find the optimal solution considering impedance, current and size requirement.

The WE-SCC Common Mode Choke series is capable of handling currents of up to 4.75 A, and is rated for industrial operating temperature. All in all the WE-SCC is the best fit to suppress common mode noise in power supplies.


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