VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLED

By Vishay Semiconductor / Opto Division 123

VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLED

Vishay/Semiconductor's ChipLED series have been designed in the exceptionally small 0402 package. This innovative ChipLED technology opens the way to smaller products with higher performance, more design in flexibility, and enhanced applications.

The 0402 LED is an obvious solution for small-scale, high brightness products that are expected to work reliably in an arduous environment.

Features Applications
  • Super thin ChipLED (1.0 mm x 0.5 mm x 0.35 mm) with exceptional brightness PCB based, offering high reliability
  • AllnGaP and InGaN technology
  • Extremely wide 130° viewing angle
  • Grouping parameter: luminous intensity, wavelength, VF
  • Backlight keypads
  • Navigation systems
  • Cellular phone displays
  • Displays for industrial control systems
  • Miniaturized color effects
  • Traffic displays