VNI8200XP Monolithic 8-Channel Driver

By STMicroelectronics 101

VNI8200XP Monolithic 8-Channel Driver

STMicroelectronics' VNI8200XP is a monolithic 8-channel driver featuring a very low supply current, with integrated SPI interface and high efficiency 100 mA micropower step-down switching regulator peak current-control loop mode. The IC, realized in STMicroelectronics™ VIPower™ technology, is intended for driving any kind of load with one side connected to ground.

Active channel current limitation, combined with thermal shutdown independent for each channel and automatic restart, protect the device against overload.

Additional embedded functions include loss of GND protection that automatically turns off the device outputs in case of ground disconnection, undervoltage shutdown with hysteresis, Power Good diagnostic for valid supply voltage range recognition, output enable function for immediate power outputs ON/OFF, and programmable watchdog function for microcontroller safe operation and case overtemperature protection to control the IC case temperature.

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