3 A Automotive LED Driver A6213

By Allegro MicroSystems, LLC 57

3 A Automotive LED Driver A6213

Allegro's A6213 is a constant current automotive lighting LED driver IC with significant advantages in fault protection. These advantages including design techniques specifically for pin-pin shorts and pin-ground shorts, as well as open and shorted external components. This is a "ground-up" automotive design with associated temperature performance specifications. The 3 A high current capability transitions automotive designs from low current LEDs to large chip, high brightness technologies. This results in reduced component count and cost, as well as space reduction. The A6213 integrates a high-side, N-channel, MOSFET switch. A true average LED drive current is output using a cycle-by-cycle, controlled on-time method. The LED drive current is user-configurable with an external current sense resistor. The output voltage automatically adjusts to optimize constant-current supply to a wide variety of LED array configurations including multiple LEDs in series. Series LEDs can be configured in a single string or parallel strings when using a balancing resistor. The device accomplishes LED dimming via a direct logic input pulse width modulation (PWM) signal such as an automotive courtesy signal. PWM dimming and enable signals can range from a logic level 1.8 V to the input voltage level. The A6213 provides load supply and gate-drive undervoltage lockout (UVLO) protection, thermal shutdown protection, and load overvoltage protection (OVP). The device comes in a compact 8-pin narrow SOIC package (suffix LJ) with exposed pad for enhanced thermal dissipation. It is lead-free (Pb), with 100% matte tin, lead-frame plating.

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