Panel Mount DC Power Jacks

By CUI Inc 138

Panel Mount DC Power Jacks

CUI's locking nut DC power jack is an ideal product for panel mount requirements. These rugged DC jacks mate with 2.1 mm or 2.5 mm DC power plugs. Contact resistance is 30 mΩ (maximum) and insulation resistance is 100 MΩ (minimum) at 500 VDC. The jacks are able to withstand a voltage of 500 VAC(RMS) for one minute and have a voltage rating of 24 VDC at 5 A.

Options include long bushings for mounting to thick enclosures, locking nuts with washer, and pins that are designed to solder directly to wire leads or printed circuit boards in vertical and right angle orientations. All power jacks are RoHS compliant.


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