ADW1 Series Power Relays

By Panasonic 119

ADW1 Series Power Relays

Panasonic's latest energy-saving latching-type power relay contributes to device energy savings. Fully IEC60335-1 compliant, this relay offers a surge breakdown voltage (between contact and coil) of 12,000 V. Perfect for energy-saving requirements while capable of switching 8 A on the contacts for applications such as smart meters, industrial equipment, security equipment, home appliances, and various power supplies.

  • Latching relay, ideal for energy-saving devices
  • IEC60335-1 compliant, PTI325V (VDE approved)
  • Surge breakdown voltage (between contact and coil): 12,000 V
  • Breakdown voltage (between contact and coil): 5,000 V
  • Pin-in-paste construction makes reflow possible
  • Smart meters
  • Industrial equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Power supplies


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