BXW Series

By Rubycon 181

BXW Series

Radial leaded aluminum-electrolytic capacitors are now widely used for the input circuitry of flat TVs, as opposed to snap-in capacitors. Rubycon's BXW series achieves an industry-leading miniaturization among aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the use of primary filtering applications in power supplies. The BXW series realizes a maximum of 23% volume reduction compared with our conventional TXW series (105ºC long-life capacitors) by utilizing self-developed production equipment to precisely wind extremely-high magnification foil, developed to achieve high capacitance values. Furthermore, the employment of long-life electrolytes, developed through R&D in long years and extreme air-tight sealing materials, provides the BXW series with 10,000 hours at 105ºC of guaranteed life time equivalent to the TXW series. Designed for AV equipment and for filtering of various power supply circuitries, the BXW series offers a wide variety of form factors with diameters from 10 mm to 18 mm, and lengths ranging from 20 mm to 50 mm. Lay-down mounting forms are available to extend the flexibility in actual use.


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